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Glaucoma is a complex eye disease that requires surgery at advanced stages. People of all ages in Hong Kong and beyond are at risk of developing glaucoma where, eventually, irreversible damage to the optic nerve leads to permanent vision loss. One of the major eye diseases worldwide, glaucoma causes narrow vision, and in severe cases, it leads to blindness. In fact, glaucoma is the second leading cause of permanent vision loss. However, treatments and surgery at our clinics in HK can help.


The scope of glaucoma spans from acute to chronic. Chronic glaucoma shows no early signs and is difficult to detect while the optic nerve is slowly being damaged. Therefore, when you go for an eye examination with blurred vision, it could be due to the effects of advanced chronic glaucoma.


Glaucoma can be divided into four types, including chronic, acute, secondary and congenital. The earlier your ophthalmologists finds out, the better the effect of treatment we can offer. In addition to medication for reducing intraocular pressure, eye drops are also commonly used to control glaucoma. When drugs cannot control glaucoma effectively, laser or surgery is needed. The skilled ophthalmologists at our clinics in two HK locations have years of experience and use state-of-the-art equipment.




  • For posterior capsulotomy and iris incision and other applications
  • A multi-purpose laser that treats retinal photocoagulation, secondary cataracts, and glaucoma.
  • The laser energy is gentle and reduces the heat-related side effects that could appear on the cornea.



Carl Zeiss Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

  • Used to capture detailed images of the retina
  • Develop a database for the glaucomatous early optic disc, retinal nerve fiber layer, and macular thickness.

Clarity Eye & Surgery Centre offers effective solutions for glaucoma, including medication, laser, and surgery, performed by highly trained and experienced ophthalmologists. However, booking in for regular comprehensive eye examinations at either one of our HK locations will facilitate early detection and provide the best protection for your vision.