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Glaucoma is an eye disease with permanent damage of optic nerve. People of all ages are at risk for developing glaucoma. It can cause vision loss and narrow vision. In severe cases, it can lead to blindness. It is one of the major eye diseases in the world. Glaucoma can be divided into chronic and acute. Chronic glaucoma without any early signs, not easy to detect, but in fact, the optic nerve has slowly been damaging. Therefore, when you feel blurred vision, only for eye examination, may have evolved into advanced glaucoma.



Glaucoma can be divided into four types, including chronic, acute, secondary and congenital. The earlier we find out, the better the effect of treatment could be. In addition to medication of reducing intraocular pressure, eye drops are also commonly used to control glaucoma. When drugs cannot control glaucoma effectively, laser or surgery is needed.





  • For posterior capsulotomy and iris incision and other applications
  • A multi-purpose laser that treats retinal photocoagulation, secondary cataracts, and glaucoma.
  • The laser energy is gentle and reduces the heat-related side effects that could appear on the cornea


Carl Zeiss Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

  • Can get detailed images of the retina
  • Develop database for glaucomatous early optic disc, retinal nerve fiber layer and macular thickness