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BRIGHT vision



BRIGHT vision is a personalized correction program provided by Clarity SMILE LASIK Centre. It is also known as intraocular lens replacement. The doctor will first remove the degenerated lens and then implanted the tailor-made intraocular lens to the patient. BRIGHT vision is a one-time orthodontics, most patients are no longer needed to rely on glasses after surgery.


Previous intraocular lens replacement is only used for cataract treatment, but with the progress of today’s medical technology, Intraocular lens technology has developed more mature, the choice of species is more than the past. Now, in addition to the treatment of cataract, the intraocular lens also has the function of correcting myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and even presbyopia. In recent years, more and more people suffering from presbyopia, even if the visual acuity is not affected by cataract yet, will also accept intraocular lens replacement to solve the problem of presbyopia, so that they can regain clear vision.



The process of Ultra-minimally invasive intraocular lens replacement


Step 1: Shock the turbid eye lens by using phacoemulsification

Step 2: Place the foldable intraocular lens

Step 3: Placed intraocular lens automatically opens


The benefits of intraocular lens replacement


Intraocular lens has the function of correcting myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and even presbyopia.

Patients will no longer need to rely on glasses after surgery.

It takes only about 10-15 minutes.

Can prevent cataracts

Intraocular lens is manufactured by patented materials.

It’s safe and does not exhibit exclusion.

Blocking ultraviolet rays to protect retina


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