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Vision Correction

We provide various kinds of ophthalmic service before and after correction, professional optometrists will use different instruments to provide pre -operative examination and postoperative detection.


360-degree scanning technology, the corneal map can scan the anterior chamber of the eye completely

  • Usually use in pre-assessment and postoperative testing
  • Corneal thickness, Corneal lesions

Swissmed TearLab Osmolarity System 

  • Measure the osmolarity of human tears and help diagnose DED

iTrace Wavefront Aberrometer/Topographer

Provides auto-refraction, corneal topography, ray-traced aberrations, pupil measurements and auto-corneal curvature measurement.

By subtracting corneas from total aberrations by integrating wavefront aberrations with corneal topography to isolate internal aberrations in the eye.

Helps ophthalmologists determine the best intraocular lenses for patients